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May 2017
Bienvenue TCHOUA
May 21 2017 06:42
May 21 2017 08:08
Maxime Dubois
May 21 2017 08:54
Tom McKearney
May 21 2017 17:11
How does one handle "secrets" in ionic2 apps? I want to use things like Google APIs and I need to store secret keys somewhere. How should I be handling that?
Tom McKearney
May 21 2017 19:01
@UncertaintyP so at app install the app still needs to have the secrets in the code in order to save it though, right.. so it's in the APK (in Android)?
May 21 2017 22:58
@tommck No, it's like LocalStorage so you have to get this information from somewhere but be careful as you can lose the information in the secret storage. There is no bulletproof way to compile secrets into your app and you should avoid this