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May 2017
Anuradha Gunasekara
May 28 2017 11:38
Anyone know how to host a server(express) inside a ionic 2 app?
Anuradha Gunasekara
May 28 2017 11:47
no one??
Raj Bisht
May 28 2017 13:21
Hey anyone has used facebook account kit in ionic3 app?
May 28 2017 14:53
Is it possible to get a reference to a specific NavController? I want to have a navigation stack on a menu but also on the details page - but due to it always pulling the closest navController - i get the menu nav controller in scenarios where i'd like to navigate on the details page. Been scouring the net for a concrete answer on this - i see references to it but nothing specific!
May 28 2017 14:59
Am i right in assuming this is throyugh the App injector?
Prajwal GP
May 28 2017 17:42
Hi,anyone used URL routing with the ionic split pane??
May 28 2017 19:41
I'm using a split pane @prajwalgp but struggling - what is it you're trying to achieve?
May 28 2017 19:49
I say struggling, i have something very specific i'm not sure how to achieve!
Shakeel Mumtaz
May 28 2017 19:55

I am using ionic Push notification for iOS but for some reason its not working and giving error message on device:

"no valid aps-environment entitlement found for application"

I already setup APP ID/Certificates on apple account.