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May 2017
May 31 2017 10:54
Hello everyone,
I need help, I am working on automating of Ionic application using nightmare. I have implemented some part and its working perfectly but facing issue with click() event for <a> element. whenever I am trying to click() anchor element its not showing any error but its not performing any actions assigned to this element. but If I convert this <a> to <button> then it is working perfectly as expected.
Please help me on this.
Miroslav Kaspar
May 31 2017 16:59
Hey guys, join me on my quest to change science, for science!
May 31 2017 17:08
The time of lab experiments in physics is rather gone and I'm out
Harald Wiesinger
May 31 2017 22:17
anybody has experience with the googleplus native plugin? why i'm always losing my auth when i resume the app?