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Jun 2017
Jun 19 2017 07:59
Hi I want to check the network connection availability and where should i declare the platform network check code, since it should pop up whenever the network disconnects. Any help appreciated thats
Jun 19 2017 14:59
I really need to find a meetup of sort in NJ northern parts
Jun 19 2017 15:21
there has to be an area where I can sit and chill with someone and go over some ideas
@dhiraj10111995 where you located
Jun 19 2017 17:16
Has anyone ever tried to include a form inside a ion-slide element? It seems that when I click on the ion-input the slide animates up, but the form element doesn’t.
Seems like I just needed to nest another ion-content tag around the form.
Jun 19 2017 17:51
@selected-pixel-jameson After some work I personally have come to the conclusion to abandon ion-slides and include the swiper directly, I just had too much trouble ^^