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Jun 2017
MÃ¥rten Pettersson
Jun 20 2017 11:01


I am currently working with an app that has multiple OneSignal apps. Therefore I need to be able to unsubscribe from one OneSignal app and the subscribe to another. Is this possible? I've tried OneSignal.setSubscription(false) but that doesnt remove the client fully from the subscription. Therefore it isn't possible to subscribe to another onesignal app.

Is there a way to fully unsubscribe from an app?

Jun 20 2017 11:02
OMG you guys are advance
Han van Venrooij
Jun 20 2017 14:36

Hi guys,

I've got a quick question regarding CORS using ionic 2. I'm currently facing the problem that the Origin header is sent with each request. Since this is not a URI, the CORS filtering mechanism on the backend API, refuses any request. Is there any workaround for this?

Jun 20 2017 16:56
yea allow cors on the back end.