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Jun 2017
Jun 29 2017 08:24

Hello i have deployed my project in ionic view where i need to make a http call to remote server.I have implemented proxies like this

 "name": "MobileUI",
 "app_id": "608c237d",
 "type": "ionic-angular",
 "proxies": [
    "path": "/Auth",
    "proxyUrl": "",
     "rejectUnauthorized": false

And I make a login call to the from the provider like this

  AuthenticateUser(username: string, password: string) {
var userNamePwd: any = {};
userNamePwd.username = username;
userNamePwd.password = password;
let body = JSON.stringify(userNamePwd);
let headers = new Headers({ 'Content-Type': 'application/json' });
let options = new RequestOptions({ headers: headers });
return'/Auth', body, options)
  .map((res) => {
    let data = this.extractData(res);'id_token', data[0].Token);
    return data;

The Login works perfectly when testing in web browser but when i upload the app in my ionic view i am getting this error response with status 0 for url null.I implemented the proxies in the way mentioned in . Am I missing something ?

Jun 29 2017 21:15