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Jul 2017
Jul 07 2017 02:45
@UncertaintyP Thanks. i'll give it a try :D. btw. in ionic. can i disabled a fab button but doesn't change it's color :D
Jul 07 2017 02:50
You could make the function on click just return without performing a certain action
Jul 07 2017 03:13
@UncertaintyP Thanks. i tried that way. I'm using a fab list. with function that just return. my button still work is the code:
<ion-fab right bottom #fab > <button ion-fab (click)="clickMainFab()"> <ion-icon name="add"></ion-icon> </button> <ion-fab-list side="top"> ...
and this is my function
clickMainFab() { return; }
Jul 07 2017 03:25
all i want is to prevent they open and close the fablist so fast..cuz i'm using a backdrop. :D
Sudeep Tavarkhed
Jul 07 2017 06:45
hello all
I am new to ionic 2
and i have few questions to be cleared
please help me
Prajwal GP
Jul 07 2017 10:54
Hi, cannot build prod app ionic2 app,it logs error cannot read Property LocalForageTokwn of undefined ANGULAR_OFFHLINE_PROVIDER