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Jul 2017
Max Goh
Jul 10 2017 05:34
Hi guys, how can I create a pop up modal in ionic?
As in like, the one I’m using right now is full screen
how can I make a native looking ‘update app’ pop up?
hmm, seems like ‘dialog’ is the keyword
Jul 10 2017 07:39
@MaxGoh you mean this ?
Max Goh
Jul 10 2017 07:43
Haha I got it to work already. Thanks ya!
Jul 10 2017 07:55
btw. do you know how we can use an image as an ion-item ?. There is some i want to use but it's not in the ionicon library
currently, i'm using an img tag with css to represent for an icon @@.
Jul 10 2017 10:28
@banminkyoz <ion-item menu-close href="#/app/Offers">
<i style="color: #d3d3d3;" class="icon-small ion-bag custom-menu-icon">   <c style="font-size:15px; color:white;"> Offers</c> </i>
<i> tag is essential to use ion-item