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Jul 2017
Jul 15 2017 15:48
@aleixmorgadas use NVM to switch back to previous version of node ... U can switch between those.. I know its not a permanent solution.... As I have also updated node and my whole project is stuck.... New node packages are not stable Thats the issue... I am switching back to my old node version... Till any solution come Im working on old... Might be helpful
Aleix Morgadas
Jul 15 2017 16:33
@stgakki I have alreasy solved the issue, thanks. The solution was useFactory: () => { return new AccountHttp() } instead of useValue.
Aleix Morgadas
Jul 15 2017 16:42
the reason is that useValue should be only used for plain values, meanwhile when we are using some class, useFactory is what we have to use