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Jul 2017
Liam Ryan
Jul 24 2017 13:18
Hi All, I'm on ionic 3.5.3 and I'm wondering if I've missed something in the ion-tab specs. I know you can provide data via rootParams to the navController of the target state but as I'm lazy-loading components I wanted to provide data that would be bound to @Input on the target component. Is this not possible?
For example I can use the component within other pages like this <my-component [boundData]="boundData"></my-component> but I would also like to navigate to the component directly in an ion-tab using <ion-tabs><ion-tab> [tabUrlPath]="mycomponent" [root]="'my-component'" [boundData]="boundData" </ion-tab></ion-tabs>
This obviously doesn't work I'm wondering if I've missed some way of providing a set of inputs
Goeme Nthomiwa
Jul 24 2017 22:39
Hi All, using ionic-3.5.0, ion-select is firing page lifecycle events, I dont think thats the expected behaviour.