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Jul 2017
Jul 29 2017 04:45
does any body has used push notification for ionic2
Jul 29 2017 07:32
@madhab452 Yea
Shivam Singh
Jul 29 2017 10:12

@Story5 set this variable in your themes/variable.scss,
$background-color: transprent;

and then in any page if you want teh background to be white, use background-color: #fff;

I have recently developed using camera-preview and works magic for me

Jul 29 2017 11:17
  • I am new to angular2 and js.
  • I have 1500 lines of code.
  • in that, I am trying to call the function change listener. it is working in another file, but not working in my file.
  • can you tell why it's happening and how to fix it?
  • I placed debugger inside the function change listener to check whether it's going inside that but it's not going inside that function.
  • in console also I don't see any errors
  • providing relevant code below and whole code in the fiddle, since no place to paste the whole code below
 <label class="fileContainer dragAndDropHolder" >
                    <input type="file" id="attachKickBrowseSim" [class.disabled]="isFingersLocked" (change)="changeListener($event)" />

    /* On Change */
  changeListener($event) : void {

  /*Encode File*/
  swimming(inputValue: any): void { 
    var foul = this;
      var file:File = inputValue.files[0];

        var myReader:FileReader = new FileReader();
        myReader.onloadend = (e) => {
        this.encodeBase64 = myReader.result;
        foul.fileSelect=$("#attachKickBrowseSim").val().replace(/^.*\\/, "");
        foul.dragDrop = foul.clearSim;
        foul.dragDrop= "";
        foul.dragDrop= foul.fileSelect;

Jul 29 2017 15:03
@texirv0203 You are sure to use <input> and not <ion-input> ?
Jul 29 2017 23:01
I am using kendo right then why should I use ion??