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Jul 2017
Sandeep Arambhya
Jul 31 2017 06:00
Hi Guys...
am working on old tech. and want to learn Angular2. Does any one know any online channel/classroom or site to start basic of angular js with proper demos and guidelines????
Jul 31 2017 06:03
Shivam Singh
Jul 31 2017 10:43
Start with codeschool.
Thomas Havlik
Jul 31 2017 19:32
Hey folks, is there a way to make ion-slides not pan horizontally so easily? If you compare how it behaves to, say, twitter, it's immediately obvious that the horizontal swiping on ion-slides is not preferable
There needs to be a tolerance under which horizontal swiping is ignored, so people don't accidentally slide left and right when they're actually just trying to swipe down. Not sure how this isn't in the docs - this is UX Design 101
Hmm, just tried it on my device and it seems to be more tolerable. I guess the simulator's lag make it feel different
Jul 31 2017 19:47
@thavlik Set shortSwipes to false
Thomas Havlik
Jul 31 2017 19:48
omg thx <3
Jul 31 2017 19:48
and you can set a longSwipesRatio which defaults to 0.5 you can in/decrease as you want
Thomas Havlik
Jul 31 2017 19:52
Thank you!
Thomas Havlik
Jul 31 2017 19:57
Any idea how to get rid of the border radius on modals?
Guess I could just hack the css
Oh, derp. I set it.
Jul 31 2017 22:22
whats the best way to [npm] checkout the ionic 1[.3.3] framework. npm install ionic-angular@1.3.3 would seem to be the most natural way. But that only goes to 1.3.2 (in the 1.0 series). (May not be the best place to ask but its hard enough picking though the endless renames / remappings of the project)