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Aug 2017
Aug 03 2017 12:48
Hey guys! Good morning!
I've just added a native google maps to my ionic 3 app and there are some FAB buttons over it....the problem is, when the FAB it acts like i'm clicking the's like the map has a higher "z-index" than the FABs...This also happens with the side menu, it's is not "clickable" anymore due too the map.
Do you have any idea to help me?
Aug 03 2017 14:28
Hey guys!, Don't mind about that, I've found a simple solution
you just need to use "map.setClickable()" with "true" or "false" based on event triggers
Aug 03 2017 14:47
@sandeepkrgupt let me know what you come up with is where I was pointed to
Yohai Ararat
Aug 03 2017 16:49
hey guys, anyone else is having issues with the ibeacon? I install it by running $ ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-ibeacon $ npm install --save @ionic-native/ibeacon and then it goes to npm and installs the com.unarin.cordova.beacon. if I run the app on device right after that it is all fine, but running on device after the 1st time removes the ibeacon package and I get
Native: tried calling IBeacon.requestAlwaysAuthorization, but the IBeacon plugin is not installed.
Anyone else having this issue?