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Aug 2017
Luke Skelhorn
Aug 17 2017 10:58
I have a Item list where i have slide items on the list and it one of the actions does a push to a page and when it come back to the page it is still slid across how would i stop it
Aug 17 2017 15:49
hi guys, do you know how to use input-tag in ionic 3 please thanks..
Aug 17 2017 15:53
open docs
Luke Skelhorn
Aug 17 2017 17:48
I have this in my construct file in one of my providers'access_token').then(
      (access_token) => {
        this.access_token = access_token;
and i have this function
    return this.http.get(
      this.api.url() + '/leader/' + 'lay-ministers',
        headers: new Headers({ "Authorization": "Bearer " + this.access_token })
      response => response.json()
When i first join the page it sometimes returns the undefined from the console.log(this.access_token);