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Aug 2017
Thiago Braga
Aug 21 2017 01:00
Hi, good night. Can I ask questions related to Ionic 3 in this chat?
Aug 21 2017 01:54
@thiagobraga sure.
@MaxGoh you should only add items to your list, do not clear the array and re-add them.
Max Goh
Aug 21 2017 01:58
@yanxiaodi, what if I wanna sort them though?
But what's the difference if I add it to the list?
I want to add the items above the current list.
Mind explaining ?
Aug 21 2017 02:00
@wizofe I'm not sure if tabs can be used like your code. Tabs is commonly used as a root container.
@MaxGoh you can use this method: array.splice(0, 0, item). Insert the new item to the first place of the array.
Luke Skelhorn
Aug 21 2017 02:16
I'm trying to insalled a SDK i've just made on my phone and i keep getting the error of the package appears to be corrupt??
Aug 21 2017 07:58
Hello everyone
I want to integrate chat within the application (with chat, group chat). And can send voice, text, photos, you can call the camera.
Max Goh
Aug 21 2017 07:58
@yanxiaodi it’s not working :/
I’m building a chat too..
How can I position list to be on the bottom on boot
Aug 21 2017 08:00
I find information, a lot of examples, can only send text only
Aug 21 2017 08:02
hi there anyone use vim to code?..i just heard bout it recently :D is it good for angular 2 ? :D
Aug 21 2017 08:04
I only use vim in linux
Aug 21 2017 08:06
do you use it to code angular 2 :D
i quite interesting in it.. but it's kind of hard to use @@
Max Goh
Aug 21 2017 08:23
Really can use some help with scrolling to the bottom, and infinite scroll to top
Dave Vaughan
Aug 21 2017 09:32
yeah no-one in their right mind prefers vim over anything except vi
unless they are using bash as their whole ui, in which case i think thats about all thats available aside from nano
So anyway. question. I've decided the angularjs ( read ng1.x) site needs to be torn down and replaced with new and shiny( read Angular) and I want it to look and work like an app, but I dont want the user to have to install it. I only need like a 3 or 4 tab app, so the demo stock standard in ionic looks the part, however I'm wondering if its a good idea to publish an ionic app as a site instead of packaging it. I'm not expecting nor pushing users toward using the site with desktop, so it'd still; only be expected to behave on mobile, but how viable is it as a web site, is ionic a pig when its running unpackaged on mobile ?
Aug 21 2017 10:18
@rbnzdave Ionic/Angular will work for this purpose and can be used as a website as well but even a minimalistic website is quite big compared to other web-focused-frameworks so keep that in mind
Aug 21 2017 10:37
ionic cordova plugin add —link ../path/to/my/plugin doesn’t work in latest version of ionic, can anyojne help?
Max Goh
Aug 21 2017 11:50
@rbnzdave lol
You are saying that because you don’t get the power of vim?
i’ve been using vim for 2 years now along with tmux.
it’s the best editor ever.