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Aug 2017
Luke Skelhorn
Aug 24 2017 11:52
Has anyone used ADAL with ionic??
Han van Venrooij
Aug 24 2017 12:31

Hi guys,

I've got an ionic page with a Slides component with a number of events per day. When the user reaches the end of the slides (i.e. there are no more events), and he swipes again, I want to show the events of the next day. To do this, I've got all events in the controller in memory (grouped by day as an Array<Array<Event>>). In my view, I generate the slides based on the index of the array. How do I know when the page has finished rendering, such that I can slide to an appropriate index?

Aug 24 2017 12:38
How can i implement web worker in ionic 3,Please provide any code snippet or way if possible
Nicolas EL HAYEK
Aug 24 2017 12:44
Can you help me plz ?
Max Goh
Aug 24 2017 14:58
hi, anyone familiar with cordova.plugins.Keyboard.disableScroll(true)
where do i use this line?
Aug 24 2017 15:24
@MaxGoh You probably have sth in you constructor like: keybord: Keyboard where Keyboard is your imported plugin from ionic native so you just call this.keyboard.disableScroll(true)
Max Goh
Aug 24 2017 15:35
@UncertaintyP thanks for that
@UncertaintyP sorry, but I’m currently building a chat app, when I open the keyboard, it’s nice that it’s bringing my content up.
along with my footer chat message input
but how can I make my NavBar stay in position?
because it’s moving my entire screen out of screen
Aug 24 2017 15:37
You top navbar should stay where it is as it is not part of scrollable content
Max Goh
Aug 24 2017 15:39
@UncertaintyP unfortunately it’s not, i even set it as position: fixed
my ion-header is not in ion-content either.
MD.Riyaz (RIO)
Aug 24 2017 15:57
hello guys.