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Aug 2017
Max Goh
Aug 25 2017 03:19 UTC
anyone manage to get a native keyboard to work properly in a chat app-like application?
my keyboard scrolling is horrible
Aug 25 2017 08:46 UTC
hi, maybe someone can help me. i've two pages. one with a list of buildings and another with a google map whith all buildings marked on the map. if i switch the first time from the buildings list page to the map page all is working fine. however, if i switch back to the buildings list page and open the map page a 2nd time my Event subscribe functions calls twice - the service which fire the event just fire the event once. i've also added an event unsubscribe on the ionViewWillUnload hook.
Aug 25 2017 08:58 UTC
if i reapeat this x times the event will fire x times i've reopened the page
Aug 25 2017 11:43 UTC
@meta0102 ionViewWillUnload is called when the page is destroyed ( like in a Nav.root('other-page') ) event but usually not when you navigate away from it. Call it in the ionViewWillLeave or ionViewDidLeave lifecycle hook
Luke Skelhorn
Aug 25 2017 11:46 UTC
I have a date picker but its only showing current year and not futer years like 2018
Aug 25 2017 11:49 UTC
you can set min/max properties
Luke Skelhorn
Aug 25 2017 15:16 UTC
I'm trying to use ADAL ionic
Luke Skelhorn
Aug 25 2017 15:43 UTC
Has anyone had this error before
Wrong type for parameter "extraQueryParameters" of AuthenticationContext.acquireTokenAsync: Expected String, but got Function.