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Sep 2017
Bienvenue TCHOUA
Sep 07 2017 00:55
I want to code, please someone has a project to entrust me?
Sep 07 2017 10:04
@mrjonleek Use ionViewCanLeave and return a promise that resolves after the dialog is closed
François BIGOT
Sep 07 2017 21:23
I have some problem with focus ionInput in ionic
Seems to focus one time and after unfocus
François BIGOT
Sep 07 2017 21:28
focus feature on ion-input seems to be broken
it works with setTimeout but otherwise seems to be broken
Wael Azar
Sep 07 2017 22:40
hey guys
im trying to login in into my ionic account via c9 terminal
but it doesn't work
any solution ?
the whole question you can find it here
but still without an answer