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Oct 2017
Oct 04 2017 10:18 UTC
Hello everyone,
I have a problem on Overwriting styles of ion-item using my own class placed on ion-card, i am trying to change font-size
My Class is
.myclass { font-size: 14px !important}
but it may not overwriting can anyone help me to solve this.
Yuriy Marshall
Oct 04 2017 14:28 UTC
Hello everyone! Can you help me with ionic app inner browser? I have to create app with browser inside current page. Can I do it without <iframe>? Plugins InAppBrowser and WKWebView don't allow this...
Yuriy Marshall
Oct 04 2017 14:39 UTC
@abhimunna Are you using parent class of page to allow change elements' styles inside it? Look at
Yuriy Marshall
Oct 04 2017 14:45 UTC