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Oct 2017
Oct 26 2017 10:41
Hi, Is there a way to override Sass variables based on platform? i want to override $font-size-root just for platform-core
Patrick M
Oct 26 2017 16:26
oh man... what am I doing wrong?! I always get "uncaught (in Promise): TypeError: _this._json.get is null". But I do catch errors using get(...).map(...).subscribe(response => { somecode }, (error) => { console.log(JSON.stringify(error)); }) ... or is this wrong catching of errors? :/
Oct 26 2017 17:12
is this get function from storage?
Patrick M
Oct 26 2017 17:27
oh no its from http. sorry and I solved my problem :) I could just change the order of my function call :)
erm, but I do have another problem. I have a function wich returns an array of an interface show(current: IResource): IData[] { ... } If I do iterate through this array using ngFor, everything is fine but I'd like to display the length of returned array. If I try {{show(current).length}} I get an error saying show(...) is undefined...