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Nov 2017
Nov 01 2017 00:29

@all hi,

  • I am trying to learn rxjs.
  • I am trying to add auth token validation through my front end for my githunb api.
  • can I achieve in js side or do I need to use express js to achieve it
  • I googled for for how to add auth validation.
  • but I am not sure how to add it to my code.
  • can you guys tell me how to achieve.
  • providing my code below

const getJsonPromise = $.getJSON('');

  .retryWhen(errors => {
    return errors.scan((errorCount, err) => {
      //auth token validation
    }, 0);
  .subscribe(users => {
    console.log('users ready', users);
Ross Rawlins
Nov 01 2017 08:05
I just want to confirm a best practice
I see that in some situations template lists are bound to a subject
and in other situations people say use a store
they are both async
but which is the better of the two.
Kim Biesbjerg
Nov 01 2017 11:55
I'm in the process of upgrading ionic from 3.1.1 to 3.8.1. When trying to build using ionic build I get some Module not found errors, apparently dependencies of 3rd party packages. I'm not using a custom webpack config, so I'm at a loss what can be wrong? Error:
localforage should be a dependency included by @ionic/storage, yes?
Kim Biesbjerg
Nov 01 2017 12:52
Huh. Turns out I needed to delete package-lock.json, before doing a fresh npm install
Nov 01 2017 19:26
hi there
im having some issues with ionic firebase push notifications
Carlos Amaral
Nov 01 2017 22:35
hi, already added <allow-navigation href="*" /> to my ionic app so firebase would be able to access it but no luck so far
anyone has an idea?