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Nov 2017
Nov 03 2017 02:45 UTC
@CarlosAmaral glad to hear that it worked for you. Coz I had a similar problem when I used the firebase db and didn't get them connected to my app properly until I checked the db rules I didn't realise that.. sorry..
Nov 03 2017 07:04 UTC

how can use multiple time orderBy with use angularfire2 ?
i try with this snnipet :

this.db.list('key_threads/key_threadList', {
query: {
orderBy: "key1",
equalTo: 'val1',
orderBy: "key2", // I GET ERROR HEARE
equalTo: 'val2',
result => {
console.log('result ' + JSON.stringify(result));
but get this kind of error :

[ts] An object literal cannot have multiple properties with the same name in strict mode.

[ts] Duplicate identifier 'orderBy'.
reason to use multiple time orderBy is :

I wont to make query for multiple child in where clouse like

select * from user where key1='val1' and key2='val2'

Carlos Amaral
Nov 03 2017 09:14 UTC
@kkrishnan90 yep, i need to build stuff on the db though and need to check how to not remove those security restrains
Carlos Amaral
Nov 03 2017 09:24 UTC
but i guess it’s just auth rules
Nov 03 2017 16:43 UTC
@CarlosAmaral yes it's just auth rules.. by default it lets you modify the db through CRUD only if you login ... Else reading or modification is not possible by default .. however, during development i generally turn off the auth rules ..