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Dec 2017
Ross Rawlins
Dec 05 2017 09:02
how do you do a shared provider for a tabs setup
where the master page and the children pages have access to it and its updated values.
Abdallah Madi
Dec 05 2017 13:06
hey guys, i have an issue with rxjs after updating ng to 5.0 and ionic, node_modules/ionic-native/node_modules/rxjs/observable/dom/WebSocketSubject.d.ts
any idea ?
"typescript": "2.4.2"
Dec 05 2017 13:27
I had several issues ( most of them already on github ) I had to revert back to ng4 ^^
Abdallah Madi
Dec 05 2017 13:30
@UncertaintyP it looks that i have to revert back too :/
Fran├žois BIGOT
Dec 05 2017 20:08
To resume my problem, when my app is paused and I come back, when I try for example to navigate to another page, the app doesn't fetch anything
The solution right now is to kill the app when it is paused