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Jan 2018
N.S. Cutler
Jan 08 2018 08:40
Is this the angular/ionic group, or is it elsewhere? (or nowhere as the casemay be).
Jan 08 2018 08:57
@godenji yes, but it's 'unofficial'. The ionic devs use slack (
N.S. Cutler
Jan 08 2018 08:59
@jorrit-wehelp yeah, thanks, just joined the slack channel as well
at the risk of repeating myself, is browser target stable yet? Getting loads of warnings and errors wrt to missing plugins when deploying production app for the browser.
Same for ionic serve in local devel. How does one target the browser "as if" it were a native target? i.e. with all of the same plugins included in asset bundle.
Jan 08 2018 11:44

How do you run E2E tests on Android emulator for Ionic apps ?

Do you use Protractor + Appium for it ?

If yes please tell me how to do it.

Surya Teja
Jan 08 2018 18:24
How to generate unsigned apk from ionic 3 project