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Jan 2018
Jan 19 2018 05:16

Hello...I have an issue with ionic deeplinker in PWA when opened in browser.I have done a demo here where view does not update on browser back button event.

Steps to reproduce
 1.In Dashboard page click on edit button.It will navigate to customer 
 page(see URL.It is changed to /Customer/CustomerId).
 2.In Customer page, you will see the customer info and other customers 
 list, there click edit from other customers list.This will open another 
 page.(see URL.It is changed to /Customer/CustomerId).
 3.Click on browser back button u can see that the URL is changed but the 
 view is not updated.

If I repeat steps 1 & 2 then click on nav back button instead of browser button then it works correctly.Both the URL and the view gets updated.
Is there something I am doing wrong because the browser back button does not work as expected or this is the issue of the ionic framework.

Jan 19 2018 05:40
can anyone know how to share deeplink via sms or whatsapp. please help me.
Jan 19 2018 15:15

Hi everyone,

I have an issue on installing firebase dynamic links issue will be like this

Please fix the version conflict either by updating the version of the google-services plugin (information about the latest version is available at or updating the version of to 11.0.1.

can anyone help me to solve this issue.

Jan 19 2018 17:14
@abhimunna deep linking is a pain in the arse in ionic, i found
i ran into similar issues, it is a common known problem and i believe that especially in Ionic3, the lazy loading helps with the issues but i never found a perfect solution
good luck