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Mar 2018
Mar 09 2018 06:39
Hey @OwenMelbz in case you haven't seen (maybe you find it useful too)
Owen Melbourne
Mar 09 2018 08:20
cheers :y: tbh I've never even seen modals yet lol
Mar 09 2018 08:28
Ok :D just in case you come across them and don't like their default transition (as I do ^^)
James Aitchison
Mar 09 2018 12:12
Hi everyone. First ionic app, so apologies for the noob question. Is it possible to style components with the :host selector like you can in vanilla Angular apps? Seems ionic generates a style that only encapsulates the style by wrapping all component styles in the name of the component selector
Mar 09 2018 12:55
Every component is wrapped in as an html element which is automatically the wrapper in the generated .scss file, what exactly do you want to achive?
In this case the host IS the element (generated by the component referenced in the component's selector)