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Mar 2018
Mar 12 2018 06:05
Hello all
I have a design level question here for the popover controller component
What will be the best practice for the this component:
We define it in inside the page component or a new dedicated page for the popover component ?
Mar 12 2018 06:18
create a new page
separate file
Mar 12 2018 08:23
@bwhiting2356 thanks
I have one question , how to make it generic means If one page is using with some options and another pages are using with some different options
@bwhiting2356 is there any existence of such scenario or I have to write mine own?
Mar 12 2018 09:34

I have a question about InAppbrowser, I have a webapp and I can authenticate via "itsme" (an authentication application).
In Chrome, when I click on "login" the application "itsme" is automatically launched
In InAppBrowser, When I click on "login" I am redirected (in inappbrowser) to the website of "itsme" as if the application was not installed

an idea?