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Mar 2018
Mar 14 2018 06:18

How to manage application and page level context in ionic?
I have researched and found following things:

Application level Context
Use localStorage/sessionStorage to avail the things in the whole application.

Page Level Context
Use life cycles hook to manage variable scoping and other things of the page level.

I am worried about memory leak problem in the application. So how to deal with this problem? Is ionic handle this problem or I have to take care of this.

Mar 14 2018 10:49
What do you mean, what should be leaked at what point?
Owen Melbourne
Mar 14 2018 10:56
remember it's just a webpage - so it would have no differences to if the application was running in chrome or safari
ionic is just library of components with a CLI really
Mar 14 2018 14:49
Hi! When using ion-input, if the input contains no value and is empty, a border-bottom line appears. How can I remove it ?
$text-input-highlight-color-valid & $text-input-highlight-color-invalid are not enough...