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Mar 2018
Mar 23 2018 09:42
Hello, sharing cookies is only in the same webview?
Yogesh Patel
Mar 23 2018 09:58

Hello all, I have 10 ionic projects, so I want to use common node_modules folder which is outside my ionic projects. Is it possible?

I have read this stack-overflow answer but i didn't get success

Jason Perr
Mar 23 2018 21:33
Can someone help me understand the correct way to call an image file for use within an scss file in Ionic? Its easy to make it work in the browser. but no matter what I do it never appears when testing a full build through Android Studio.
.btn-soundcloud-icon {
  background-image: url("/assets/img/social/soundcloud-small.png");
  width: 22.2px;
  min-width: 22.2px;
  height: 12.3px;
E/AndroidProtocolHandler: Unable to open asset URL: file:///android_asset/assets/img/social/soundcloud-small.png
is the result I get from Android Studio