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May 2018
May 15 2018 05:17
@UncertaintyP when I am changing the driver order to ['sqlite','indexeddb','websql'] then application is not working
Note: I am testing it in browser but as you said it goes for the driver availability and if not found I goes to check next one
May 15 2018 05:53
Is anyone worked with the couchbaselite in ionic
May 15 2018 08:21

If you need this order you don't need to specify anything. As the documentation says:

When running in a native app context, Storage will prioritize using SQLite, as it's one of the most stable and widely used file-based databases, and avoids some of the pitfalls of things like localstorage and IndexedDB, such as the OS deciding to clear out such data in low disk-space situations.

When running in the web or as a Progressive Web App, Storage will attempt to use IndexedDB, WebSQL, and localstorage, in that order.

May 15 2018 10:40
@UncertaintyP Okay
Marcus Lim
May 15 2018 23:37
Not sure if this is the right chat perse, but can someone tell me why TransitionController isn't exported?