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Jun 2018
C Roger
Jun 05 2018 05:03
greetings, could anyone point me in the direction to find how to load Cordova plugins into ionic 3 without native wrapper ?
Jun 05 2018 08:07
@talus46 ou should get an exist plugin as example:
Jun 05 2018 08:14
With ionic 3, if I create a formBuilder and bind it to a ion-datetime, when i focus the input, the default time it's 2 hour ago respect correct time (i'm in utc+1 zone). How I can set the default locale ? I,ve just put { provide: LOCALE_ID, useValue: 'it-IT' }, in app.module.ts providers
C Roger
Jun 05 2018 08:45
@xam8re thanks for your help :)
Md. Amanur Rahman
Jun 05 2018 10:08

I want to get the string value in model

<select type="text" class="form-control invalid" id="field_investorTypeId" name="gender" [(ngModel)]="investorRegistration.gender" placeholder="Gender">
<option [value]="" selected disabled>Male/Female</option>
<option [value]="Male">Male</option>
<option [value]="Female">Female</option>

can anyone help me?