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Sep 2018
Todd Conley
Sep 10 2018 07:11 UTC
hey guys... how can I call the $event that happens when (ionInput) is triggered from a <ion-searchbar> ? ie have a function that calls the searchbar to be submitted from another diaglouge
<ion-searchbar (ionInput)="searchTeams($event)" .... wondering how to call that searchTeams functions and get the $event to come with it
Todd Conley
Sep 10 2018 21:10 UTC
Hi all. I figured that out one :-)
next question.... I have an issue only with ios/safari, app works fine in any other browser
```<mbsc-segmented-group [(ngModel)]="select_gender" (change)="onChange()" > ```     
when clicking on an element that onchange() function is called, and part of the fuction uses the value of the ngmodel "select_gender". If I do an alert(this.select_gender) inside the onchange() function the value is old on IOS
meaning it's always one behind. This is a select box with <options>. So on IOS i have to trigger the onchange() function again in order for it to get the right value of the ngmodel
Todd Conley
Sep 10 2018 21:35 UTC
ok, i switched to using (ngModelChange) instead of (change)