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Nov 2018
Richard Anthony B. Abear
Nov 25 2018 09:20
Hi guys im new :)
Im a project lead at my company. its a "startup-ish" basically a new division of an old company thats looking to get more products out.
I have a question regarding Angular/Ionic. Our main platform was built on Laravel (we have restfull apis) and the service is basically completed already. Our mobile dev has recommended that we use Firebase and mirror our actual database, which i can see might become catastrophically difficult to manage on scale. Ive read posts online that its acceptable to use Restful api services for processing data and that its a generally accepted practices instead of using a realtime database like firebase. Note we do have a socket-io server for updates to our web-front. :)
Just looking to get you guys opinion on whether or not our mobile dev should rewrite the data providers or keep as is and we write out api's for everytime something is transacted on the web front, we update the firebase database as well by calling a webhook
Thanks guys. any and all help is much appreciated.