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Dec 2018
Ramon Jr. Yniguez
Dec 10 2018 05:53
What’s your question?
Lisa Copeland
Dec 10 2018 15:27
@oNeUpKid88 I would like to add a reusable child component to some of my ionic pages - I have easily done this in Angular 7 before - I create a child component which attaches input elements to the parent form and then I use viewChild to get the data from the child component. I am able to do this in Ionic 4 and it compiles and executes, but the styling is all screwed up - the header in the parent component doesn't show up and the background is black with white input fields. What is the proper way to do this?
Ramon Jr. Yniguez
Dec 10 2018 17:50
It sounds like the parent component styling is overiding your child component or vise versa. Rather than binding try creating a data service usig observables: check out note be sure to create a subscription between compoenets and unsubscribe on ngDestroy, and with your attempt to reuse compoenets check out Any <=> ANY component approach.
Hope that helps