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Dec 2018
Dec 27 2018 13:35
In favor of what has HttpClient been deprecated because it looks pretty state of the art to me ( ) but Http has been deprecated some versions ago ( ). I can't say I have problems using HttpClient currently
Dec 27 2018 15:14
@TheoNeUpKid88 I'm debugging in my Android device. Anyway, I've created a plugin that captures coordinates in a native code implementation for Android, because of that my plugin only works on Android devices, for now, it doesn't have an implementation for iOS devices hahaha. But for now, it's everything okay because my client that uses the app has no intention of using an iOS device any time soon. But I'm still curious to know why the cordova-plugin-geolocation only works with the location mode "Device only". And sorry for my bad English.
Ramon Jr. Yniguez
Dec 27 2018 15:27
@victornjg this may sound silly, but it’s the fastest to check. It may be that the device you are testing doesn’t have a SIM card - Though, you may just need to use a diffrent plugin.
Dec 27 2018 15:32
@TheoNeUpKid88 My device has a SIM card and mobile data enabled, and for now I'm using a different plugin, the one I created. Thanks for the help.