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Jan 2019
Luis Vargas
Jan 28 05:22
Hello, how can I enable html5 credit card autocomplete?
from what I understand I only need to add the attrubute autocomplet="cc-number" to the html input element and that will enable the credit card autocomplete
<label for="cardNumber">Card Number</label>
<input name="cardNumber" autocmplete="cc-number'>
however previous code does not work because ionic runs in an insecure environment
I tried to enable ssl but it didn't work, it looks I also need to configure something else
is it possible to add localhost or the path to the index.html as a trusted sites?
Jan 28 11:51
not sure about ssl cert but try with an https server to your 'www' dir
Luis Vargas
Jan 28 18:11
how do I do that?