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Apr 2015
Hampus Ahlgren
Apr 13 2015 17:01
Hi guys, wondering if you could evaluate a code test I've made to test out angular js applicants. Some people are really struggling - just wondering what you guys think?
Wesley Cho
Apr 13 2015 18:40
@Haemp I'm not sure that is a good test - it only tests for if candidates are familiar with all of that, great candidates aren't necessarily familiar with all of the workflow as such
Apr 13 2015 19:25
What is the best angular database?
Sean Bollin
Apr 13 2015 19:41
Definitely Oracle.
Wesley Cho
Apr 13 2015 20:07
@nsang92 Angular doesn't care what DB you use, but what is best is whatever is best for your needs
Darrin Dickey
Apr 13 2015 20:35
Maybe this is really simple, but how do I hide part of an ng-repeat list if it’s longer than x results? For instance,
Click for more results….
Apr 13 2015 20:43
@darrindickery <div ng-repeat="item in items track by $index"><span ng-hide="$index > ('INSERT NUMBER'-1)">{{item}}</span></div>
Darrin Dickey
Apr 13 2015 20:49
@nsang92 Thanks. Different than I was about to do, but more efficient.
Gaute Løken
Apr 13 2015 22:54
@darrindickey <div ng-repeat="item in ::items.slice(0, max) track by $index"><span>{{item}}</span></div>
Sean Parsons
Apr 13 2015 23:07
Hello everybody!