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Apr 2015
Quinntyne Brown
Apr 19 2015 00:54
@Mitranim @tkh44 I implemented caching on the server (API) and custom caching in the client (angular) in this project ->
Vyacheslav Rusakov
Apr 19 2015 06:49
Apr 19 2015 07:02
have a question regarding the following: - when I click on the editable field and enter something - and let's say by mistake, I click outside the editable field, the data that was entered disappears:
curious, how can I persist the data?
Salvatore Mazzarino
Apr 19 2015 10:13
I pass an object from the server to the client where there is angular
i’m using hapijs
how can I could get this object in angular?
in the server there is something like that
the uri is the path of the angularjs app
how to retrieve the object at the client side?
I new to apache tomcat.
I am moving my war folder into webapp folder for deployment.
Whenever I move my new changes I need to shutdown and start my server again.
Is there any settings in tomcat i need to change so that whenever I make a change in the file it gets automatically reflected.
And each time I need to refresh the browser to make my changes reflected.
Is there any automatic refresh where we need to change the settings in tomcat file so that whenever I make changes even in browser gets reflected. -the changes which I am speaking are with respect to html css and js
to overcome this difficulties can i use node server
Apr 19 2015 14:08
Hi all, I've just created a Chrome Extension using AngularJS and open source it in Github: This can be used as a reference project if you want to develop any Chrome Extension with AngularJS. The source code is not the best, feedback & ideas and more than welcome :)
And I'm looking for contributors to this project. Have lots of idea to improve it to become a big project. If anyone of you feel interested, please contact me.
Salvatore Mazzarino
Apr 19 2015 16:55
does ui-router resolve work to pass params from one state defined in a module to one defined in a different module?
Josh Kurz
Apr 19 2015 16:58
@mazzy89 I think it depends on if the other state inherits from the state your resolved params are in.
Salvatore Mazzarino
Apr 19 2015 16:59
no the two state aren’t releated
this is what I’m trying to achieve
Josh Kurz
Apr 19 2015 21:58
+1 to whoever thought of bindToController: Object, I really like it.