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Apr 2015
Adrian Mitev
Apr 28 2015 08:52
hi all. is it true that if i store a directive element inside the scope, angular will traverse all the html tree because its referenced by that element?
Louis Larry
Apr 28 2015 11:01
is there any comparable way in angular-new-router to do $state.go
Louis Larry
Apr 28 2015 11:30
$router.navigate('url') did not work for me
my workaround is to now use $location.path('/url')
Dave Ackerman
Apr 28 2015 12:46
going to play around with 1.4rc this morning and see what breaks :)
Apr 28 2015 13:16
This message was deleted
Bhargav Gandhi (BG)
Apr 28 2015 15:43
Hi, any one knows any CMS works on angularJS or has frontend of angularJS ? thanks.
Patrick Heneise
Apr 28 2015 16:07
Anyone from Europe here? There's an Angular 2 special event with 3-4 talks on Saturday, June 20, just before MediterráneaJS
Quinntyne Brown
Apr 28 2015 19:22
@jvandemo We should have a working child router once this ticket is closed angular/router#267