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Apr 2015
Jurgen Van de Moere
Apr 29 2015 06:22
@QuinntyneBrown Excellent, just added my vote to your issue. :+1:
Kanin Peanviriyakulkit
Apr 29 2015 08:56

hello, Need some help with push() ! I've got

$scope.category = {
    name : '',
    id : ''

but my data is return in object like

Object {name: "Room6", createdAt: "2015-04-29T08:49:33.777Z", updatedAt: "2015-04-29T08:49:33.777Z", id: "55409b1d548bf379531623d9"}

I try to push like $scope.category.push(;

but angular error like this TypeError: $scope.category.push is not a function

Oh my misstake sorry I got it.
Kanin Peanviriyakulkit
Apr 29 2015 09:21
Can I define something this ?
<html ng-app="OneModule" ng-controller="OneController" ng-cloak>
<div class="row" ng-app="TwoModule" ng-controller="TwoController" ng-cloak>
Kanin Peanviriyakulkit
Apr 29 2015 12:13
Hello, I'm use angular with sails my link is like this.
generate by angular
<a href="{{ }}">{{ }}</a></td>
when I click link how angular know the ID parameter?
help pls.
Dave Ackerman
Apr 29 2015 14:01
in your controller, do something with
Carl von Buelow
Apr 29 2015 19:34
anyone know approximately when 1.4 stable will be released?
Paulo Oliveira
Apr 29 2015 20:08
:+1: ^^
Tim Jacobi
Apr 29 2015 23:58
So Angular 1.4 is out but I can't find the module.component function. Was that moved to 1.5?