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Jan 2017
Ian Wilson
Jan 08 2017 04:22
@brandonramsey You could probably just override the change detection yourself and just always return false.
Is anyone using angularjs2 with webpack?
Jan 08 2017 07:29
nobody here?
Jan 08 2017 10:09
@markflyfly here
Ayush Bahuguna
Jan 08 2017 11:22
hello, hello need help.
Jan 08 2017 11:55
Is angular 2 is replacing angular js
David Sabalete
Jan 08 2017 11:58
Not yet. The number of AngularJS 1.x are currently greater than those in Angular 2.
Developments, I mean
Jan 08 2017 14:20
Hi there! I'm new to Angular, any good example of how to mimic jquery-match-height with pure Angular?
Frederik Prijck
Jan 08 2017 14:34
@relentless-coder Hard to help u without knowing the problem.
@LucianoVandi What about angular-match-height ? :joy: (I have no experience with it, but it should help u :) )
@ianjosephwilson I am using Angular 1 and Angular 2+ with webpack.
Maybe I can help you if you have a question, but for future Angular (v2+) questions you might want to head over to
Mariusz Klimek
Jan 08 2017 14:45
Hi, how can I check if image is loaded? I am using CSS to display an image using background-image: url();
I found this:
but it is used with img on html element. or at least, is there a way to check if image has been loaded before displaying it in html? ng-show="imgLoaded"? I have big spritesheet, which contains over 3000 images, so it takes a short while to load.
Jan 08 2017 14:47
@frederikprijck is that package for Angular 2?
Frederik Prijck
Jan 08 2017 14:47
But if you need a package for angular 2 it's always a great idea to not ask it in the Angular 1 channel.
Jan 08 2017 14:49
@frederikprijck you're right
Frederik Prijck
Jan 08 2017 14:49
But it shouldn't be hard to write an angular2 alternative based on that package.
In the end it's wrapping some JS/jQuery code in an Angular directive.
Jan 08 2017 14:50
I'm looking at it... anyway was searching for a basic example
It's only about 2 week I'm playing with Angular
Gireesh Babu
Jan 08 2017 17:29
angular cli
ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
after adding jQuery = require('jquery');
what can be the solutoin?
Mariusz Klimek
Jan 08 2017 17:44
var jQuery = "" @giri4it ? -_-
is not defined is self-explanatory
Frederik Prijck
Jan 08 2017 18:52
Eric Bezanson
Jan 08 2017 19:26
anyone have any idea how i could get angular to display an iframe with a twitch URL? im getting an interpolation error :S
Adrian Kopytko
Jan 08 2017 22:56

Hello, I work with Angular 1.5.8 and ES6. I want to ask you how can I refactor this code:

export const LibraryModule = angular
  .module('library', [])
  .service('StorageService', StorageService)
  .service('YoutubeService', YoutubeService)
  .service('VimeoService', VimeoService)
  .service('FilesService', FilesService)

In my component:


I use ng-annotate in webpack

Could I use DI in different way than I did it? I don't think that multiple .service is a good way