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May 2018
May 09 2018 06:13
How to remove unwanted libraries from node_modules?
Just for simple hello world angular application there are more than 800+ libraries getting downloaded.
Are all those are required for running simple application?
Please comment.
Frederik Prijck
May 09 2018 11:00
@shashikantpawar999 It depends on what's in your package.json. i can't tell if all of them are required.
But yes, for a simple hello world app you need quiet some packages.
May 09 2018 11:46
How can i use Traffic layer using AGM
Tom McKearney
May 09 2018 15:35
ooh... so.. if you throw an error inside a catch() block in 1.6.x, it becomes a reject and not an exception..hmm.. that's gonna be a pain for a couple things
Phuong Nguyen
May 09 2018 23:22
Hi I’m new to Angular, I heard that Angular Js is completely different from Angular 2, is that true?