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May 2018
May 25 2018 09:48
did anyone know about angular-vs-repeat module ( what i am planning to do is i have 1 object and in that object i have nested object so i am using vs-repeat to show data of the object using ng-repeat and if i click on one data i am expanding inner object so i am once again iterating using ng-repeat but i am having scrolling issue, the issue is that i am not able to see full inner object list when i scroll it jumps to outer object
what should i do
do anyone using nested vs-repeat
May 25 2018 13:31
console.log('hello world')
May 25 2018 19:09

Any trick to do this? Please help.

Hi guys,
I need to accept html input (template) from user. I need to then compile it using angular's $interpolate function.
So when I get the html from user, I do this.

let $interpolate = this.$injector.get('$interpolate');
let $sanitize = this.$injector.get('$sanitize');
let html = $sanitize(toReturnStyles.cellTemplate);
 el = $interpolate(html)(params);

Then I checked adding <img onload="alert(0)"> </img>, I am good, alert didn't work.
But then I put following and I lost the land under my feet. I saw alerts


Please help me implement this usecase correctly.
Thank you