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Repro: Type in Devin, then Click. After initial app load, Click Me yields two Devin Smith entries:
Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 11.01.56 AM.png

Hello all, which one of these is best in regards to reducing Cloud Firestore read count when it comes to this or query? Or is there a difference?

Using snapshotChanges(): https://stackblitz.com/edit/firebase-query-snapshot-changes?file=src%2Fapp%2Fstudent-search%2Fstudent-search.component.ts

Using get(): https://stackblitz.com/edit/firebase-query-get?file=src%2Fapp%2Fstudent-search%2Fstudent.service.ts

In either case, a query such as 1, which only yields two results will execute several network requests
Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 2.32.18 PM.png
luis esteban
Hello everyone, could you help me with this question please. is it possible to use firebase notifications with swpush from @ angular / service-worker? I haven't found documentation about it
Anthony Nahas
Today, we released a new version of ngx-auth-firebaseui v3.4.0 which contains a lot of improvements like custom email verification template, smooth animations, and new single login and register component to take the full control of the authentication process with firebase. Special thanks @jeandat for contributing and making this library better.
Check this out and try the new standalone components: https://github.com/AnthonyNahas/ngx-auth-firebaseui
Weilies Chok
any #chromebook developer here?! :)
Hello Everyone, Need help to deploy angular 8.4 app on Linux server
I am getting 404 when uploading on server
after ng build --prod
In the earlier version I was not facing this issue
any help appreciated!
Jose Orihuela
Is there a simple way to get the access token synchronously?
I have tried everything I have been able to find but only subscribing to the token works.
I am using a post with httpHeaders (httpclient) ang 6 version. But seems getting a headers key is not coming.
Priyank Patel
const headers = new HttpHeaders({
accept: 'application/json',

this.http.post(url, body, { headers });
Shouvik Mitra
  selector: 'my-app',
  templateUrl: './app.component.html',
  styleUrls: [ './app.component.css' ],
  providers: [
    { provide: FirebaseAppName, useValue: 'app1Config' },

in this I am having issues importing FirebaseAppName and FirebaseAppProvider from @angular/fire

can someone help. I am new to angular/fire!

Lisa Copeland
@iamshouvikmitra FirebaseAppName does not belong in your providers array
@iamshouvikmitra look at the install and setup guide for angular fire - https://github.com/angular/angularfire2/blob/master/docs/install-and-setup.md
Shouvik Mitra
Is there a way to work with multiple firebase configurations?
How do I initialize multiple named
imports: [
AngularFireModule.initializeApp(environment.firebase, 'my-app-name')
declarations: [ AppComponent ],
bootstrap: [ AppComponent ]
export class AppModule {}
Milinda Laknath Arambawela
Hi, I'm new to angular firebase and i'm confusing with @angular/fire/database and @angular/fire/firestore
What's the difference and why 2 modules?
Which one is the correct module to use?
Lisa Copeland
@MilindaLaknath firestore is the newer version of the database - I don't think I would use the old one
Database is a key/value database, while firestore is a collection/document NoSQL database (a little bit like couchDB). They both serve two different purposes. For most cases you would use Firestore.
Hey there. We have a question to AngularFirestore. 1. Is it true, that AngularFirestore is using RPC when you access data through collection().get()? 2. We are behind a corporate proxy which seem to block RPC - is it possible to configure AngularFirestore to use firestore REST sdk instead of RPC?
Bryce Mullen
I am having trouble finding the type in a collection. I have something link this.af.collection<Logs>('logs', resp ={}) VSCode says resp is type any. What is the real type?
It's a CollectionReference, and the second argument is suppose to be a function.
thx, sorry i am new to firestore. question
i found the answer herefirebase/firebase-js-sdk#1674
i thought one could switch from rpc to rest in angularfire, but the flag mentioned in the issue solved our connection problem.
How can I use @firebase/test inside @angular/fire to run unit test ? https://firebase.google.com/docs/rules/unit-tests
Tiago Magalhães
Hello.. What would be the best way to update a position field in a record, reordering the other records. Compute the new order client side and update all records with the new positions?
Robin Viktorsson

Hello! I want to get a specific document based on two where conditions: field1 == 1 AND field2 == 2:

  field1: 1,
  field2: 2,
  field3: changeThis

How can I do that?

Lisa Copeland
@robvik You need to do two queries
Ross Rawlins
hey all
is anyone here familiar with cloud functions?
I am struggling to work my way through it
this youtube channel has very good content about them, check it out
Max Fritz
Hey guys, I'm working on unit testing for a component which uses AngularFire. I oriented myself on the unit testing from the repo itself (https://github.com/angular/angularfire/blob/master/src/functions/functions.spec.ts). But I always got a NullInjectionError for the FirebaseApp. Did I missed something?
  let app: FirebaseApp;
  let afFns: AngularFireFunctions;

  beforeEach(() => {
    let spectator: Spectator<MarketplaceHomeComponent>;
    const createComponent = createComponentFactory({
      component: MarketplaceHomeComponent,
      imports: [
    inject([FirebaseApp, AngularFireFunctions], (app_: FirebaseApp, _fn: AngularFireFunctions) => {
      app = app_;
      afFns = _fn;
    spectator = createComponent();
I don't know so much above AngularFireFunctionsModule, but with AngularFirestoreModule you can specify directly the FirebaseOptionsToken
You can see that it in action here using spectator too
Max Fritz
I commented the AngularFireFunctionsModule out for now, but now I got Illegal state: Could not load the summary for directive MarketplaceHomeComponent error. So I guess we made some progress.
Max Fritz
solved! I got my componentFactory in the beforeEach loop. But you need, if you don't use any async stuff, to put it in the describe callback function!
Anyone know how I can detect when a Cloud Firestore query has competed?
The issue is that I have an observable (results$) that gets assigned the results of the query but results$ never completes.
Subscription: https://pastebin.com/7TA8jKjQ
Service: (note processQueries()): https://pastebin.com/SR7avwdQ
Danilo Silva

Hi guys, i'm trying to get a subcollection at my angularFire app. But i'm receiving an strange object without the data. It is called QuerySnapshot.

My structure at FB is: cookies_list(collection) > domains(subcollection) > cookies(document)

My code

this.appdataCollection = this.afDb
        .collectionGroup("domains", ref => ref.where("userId", "==", userId))

      return this.appdataCollection;

Does someone knows how to pick the data at my subcollection?

Hello, what would be the best way to get the inner observable (line 24) to complete after the query completes then start up again when the user performs another search term: https://stackblitz.com/edit/firebase-query-debounce-search?file=src/app/student-search/student-search.component.ts