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Repo info
    Yogesh Manjhi
    any suggestions from where i can learn angular flex layout


    Trying to add widgets(components) to a dashboard dynamically. Using ComponentFactoryResolver.
    Is there a way to set the component host/wrapper width using flex?
    Ie @HostBinding('fxFlex') width: string; ?

    mohamed mamdouh
    hi all
    is fxFlex-gt-md not working on 7.0.0-beta.19
    Daniel Willis
    @moMamdouhSaad you mean fxFlex.gt-md rather than fxFlex-gt-md?
    Hello everyone, I would appreciate anyone who can help me, is there a way to tell the node server to render the components in the version, for example: xs, or md, or xl, etc.? Help please, the first painting is a disaster, I have to wait for the full javascript to load for it to detect MathQuery so I can adjust all the code provided for the answer. Thanks in advance!
    Hey, i hope everyone is having a great start of the week! I was wondering how long the css grid feature is still deemed experiemental. It is really convenient when it comes to passing down data and i am considering using it in our webapp. We are already using it in a portion of our page and it works great, but the lack of documentation still prevents us from using it everywhere...
    where can i find angular dashboard templates using material or bootstrap, and could be responsive?
    Luiz Gabriel Parreira Pereira
    Hello guys
    Someone here?
    I can't undertand how to make work the second exemple for on this https://tburleson-layouts-demos.firebaseapp.com/#/stackoverflow
    Someone can help me please?
    Sorry, third exemple (stackoverflow)
    Luiz Gabriel Parreira Pereira
    I want to do this with flex Layout library
    fxLayout, fxFlex, etc
    @Luizgpp The flex-layout just generates the flexbox as inline styles so you should be able to work back from the examples in the stackover flow link link
    Luiz Gabriel Parreira Pereira
    @DuncanFaulkner Ok, thanks!
    @ol1106 i like https://www.chartjs.org/
    Joshua Immanuel

    Hello everyone, Can we set the fxLayout on child DOM element? I am having trouble with the sibling DOM elements which are below the fxLayout set DOM element.

    <div style="height: 400px">
      <div style="min-width: 300px"
           fxFlexFill >
        <div fxFlex="15" style="background-color: red;" fxFlex.xs="55">
        <div fxFlex="30" style="background-color: yellow" >
        <div fxFlex="55" style="background-color: blue;" fxFlex.xs="15">
    <div>Lower bottom</div>

    In the above snippet the "Lower bottom" div is getting displayed above the "Bottom" div

    Shubham Thakur
    Hii all
    Anyone here who knows how to implement ORIENTATION_BREAKPOINTS ?
    Hii all
    Anyone here who knows how to implement ORIENTATION_BREAKPOINTS ?
    Hello Everyone
    I have problems
    Please help me
    I made 3 components in my project
    And I'm using flexlayout
    It's correct in header component and kisok-home-page component
    When I import kiosk-nav-bar component in kisok-home-page component,it doesn't correct
    I found something strange
    When I use in kiosk-home-page directly it that i used in kiosk-nav-bar ,it's correct
    Please help me
    If u want,I can show u project
    I think it's simple issue but I don't know
    I want to split it
    But flexlayout doesn't work
    Please help
    hey guys
    is it worthy to use flex-layout now days with angular?
    or I should stick with the bootstrap grid system
    I usually add grid to my angular application and start using it so what is your advice
    @BoodyElemary The JS framework doesn't affect the CSS/SCSS styling tbh. Go with what you are comfortable with...if you mean the Angular Flex Layout module - I'd lean to not using it and just going with normal CSS attributes. There is no right or wrong though imo
    Kevin Strasters
    fxLayoutGap current adds margins, and the grid option adds padding. Is there any effort to switch to using the css gap property to actually utilize gutters? Since angular has no IE support this should be possible?
    Saurabh Kumar
    anyone there/