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Jan 2015
Jan 22 2015 11:22
hi, is there any yeoman generator for angular material?
Jarrod Payne
Jan 22 2015 15:18
I figured I'd come over here because a requirement just landed in my lap for multiple dialogs. angular/material#698
Does anyone have any suggestions in lieu of landing a PR for the feature? It seems that cancel is called by the framework when another $mdDialog is called.
Marcy Sutton
Jan 22 2015 23:43
@calidion no, but we could add one in the future if there was enough demand for it
@jpdesigndev multiple dialog support should be coming up in the 0.8 milestone:!searchin/ngmaterial/dialog/ngmaterial/p2508ISSdj4/fj5fKI0b7l0J