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Feb 2015
Marcy Sutton
Feb 11 2015 16:05
@epelc yeah I meant you might be able to use a heading or div with aria-labelledby on multiple inputs. But it won't function exactly like a label, which only works with one input.
Dave Ackerman
Feb 11 2015 18:56
yeah, no idea why ripples aren't showing - quite weird
Dave Ackerman
Feb 11 2015 19:17
@marcysutton I listened to your appearance on the AiA show - nice job! was really enlightening
Feb 11 2015 20:11
I'm trying to use "md-accent" (accent color) class on a "md-card-content" directive and it's not changing the card's background color. Am I missing something here? It works no problem on the md-toolbar directive for instance