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Feb 2015
Julien Renaux
Feb 23 2015 08:26
Any plan to update the NPM repo?
Dave Ackerman
Feb 23 2015 14:05
is there a "menu" component in the works? looking to finally drop Lumx out of this project
Chase Pursłey
Feb 23 2015 14:06
This is really shaping up nicely. I see in the milestones that more animations are coming. Looking forward that that.
To what extent are the authentic motion specs going to be implemented? I see a few with the grid resize.
Marcy Sutton
Feb 23 2015 16:23
@shprink we will update it on the major release, npm doesn't allow release candidates as far as I know
@dmackerman you can always look at our milestones/issues, but menu is slated for 0.9.0
Miloš Stanić
Feb 23 2015 16:25
@dmackerman yeah, me too, anxious to drop Lumx, but still need menus and datepicker, better yet - a date range picker. Also tabs are screwing with D3 charts in tab contents.
Marcy Sutton
Feb 23 2015 16:25
Date picker is also coming. Should have ranges.
It can't make you a sandwich though ;)
Miloš Stanić
Feb 23 2015 16:26
@marcysutton good news, thanks ;)