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Feb 2015
Cosmin Ronnin
Feb 24 2015 00:06
@marcysutton speaking of datepicker, do you know if the plan is still to have it ready by end of February as planned in the Github milestones ?
Marcy Sutton
Feb 24 2015 01:15
@kosz that's the hope! There are internal teams that need it.
Miloš Stanić
Feb 24 2015 10:19
Hi, is there a way to do media query programatically? For example, I want to display dialogs in $mdDialog on desktops, and in $mdBottomSheet on mobile devices. So I want to know which is the device resolution from my controller.
Aurelien Chivot
Feb 24 2015 13:06
@marcysutton do you know if the datepicker component will enable easy year-selection ? For example, in a form to select birthdate
Cosmin Ronnin
Feb 24 2015 14:00
@marcysutton awesome answer, now we know, even if it's late, we can count on it showing up asap
Dave Ackerman
Feb 24 2015 15:09
Anyone here ever tried to use tabs inside a toolbar?
Julien Renaux
Feb 24 2015 15:52
Really happy to get v0.8.0 from NPM :)
Good job google!
Feb 24 2015 19:49
From a layout and usability perspective these new date/time pickers are nice
for smartphones
but not for a web app running on tablet or even more desktop
no desktop user wants to open kind of dialog to get a datepicker...
Cosmin Ronnin
Feb 24 2015 19:59
bastienJS we can only hope that they will provide an alternative of embedding or poping up a non modal, tooltip like datepicker underneath their inputs
Feb 24 2015 20:14
@kosz if NOT nobody will use their toolkit
most projects are not only for smartphone...
Cosmin Ronnin
Feb 24 2015 20:18
@bastienJS I think one of the points of MAterial Design is responsiveness ... so I feel confident about what they will put out, but let's see
Feb 24 2015 20:24
yes we will see responsiveness is also on table/desktop ;-)
Cosmin Ronnin
Feb 24 2015 20:29
well i think that's what responsiveness means :)
Johan Steenkamp
Feb 24 2015 22:08
Unclear on what affect theme.backgroundPalette has, for example if I set this to "grey" where would this background color be seen. What I'd like to do is set the overall application background color. If I do this with body style/css I have to set all other item background like cards etc. as well - is that correct?