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Feb 2015
Good job but so far no bower or npm support :(
I hope this would be implemented on angular-material one day :)
Dave Ackerman
Feb 26 2015 17:49
so, with the selectbox - anyway to get around this?
alignment :(
David Mazvovsky
Feb 26 2015 20:46
I love angular
Dave Ackerman
Feb 26 2015 20:52
good to know.
Miloš Stanić
Feb 26 2015 23:12
I asked the other day if there was a way to do media query from angular-material
It appears there is, it's just not documented
here's a snippet from angular-material.js
.factory('$mdMedia', mdMediaFactory);

 * Exposes a function on the '$mdMedia' service which will return true or false,
 * whether the given media query matches. Re-evaluates on resize. Allows presets
 * for 'sm', 'md', 'lg'.
 * @example $mdMedia('sm') == true if device-width <= sm
 * @example $mdMedia('(min-width: 1200px)') == true if device-width >= 1200px
 * @example $mdMedia('max-width: 300px') == true if device-width <= 300px (sanitizes input, adding parens)
just fyi, guys